Our Story

Hi! Our names are David and Kristen Atkins. We are super busy parents of 3 beautiful little girls ages 12, 9 and 5. We love the life we have created now but it wasn’t always this way. We were like the majority of most couples. Two full time working parents, living paycheck to paycheck, a lot of debt and just trying to get by. The daily grind was our everyday life. Get up early, get all the kids ready for school, head to work and as soon as we got home the craziness of kids activities, dinner, baths and much more unfolded. Can you relate?

What we didn’t realize was our health also took a backseat. We struggled with our weight, baby weight for Kristen, high blood pressure and 20 pounds overweight for David, which then brought more stress into our life, lack of energy, not feeling confident in our own skin and many other negative side effects of life.

Today we are truly grateful and our life has completely changed. We found our solution and our secret which has been Team Beachbody. Not only are we in the best shape of our lives at 40 years old but we would have never imagined the freedom that it has brought us. We are no longer in debt. We are in excellent shape and the best part is we were able to retire Kristen from her 6 figure teaching career in 2015 so she can be home with our girls. We have created a substantial 6 figure income from home working part-time while building an amazing tribe of Coaches. People just like us and like you that want to change their life for the better while paying it forward to help others do the same.

We now lead one of the Top Teams in all of Team Beachbody and are in the top half percent of the company in a network that has over 450,000 Coaches. We have been asked to speak at Beachbody Events and recently spoke at the largest Annual Beachbody Event Coach Summit. We spoke to two groups of 8,000 Coaches to teach them how to become successful. This had a great impact on us as it did for those that we helped.

What makes us so different and unique is we are one of the very few couples within the entire network of Team Beacbody that actively build the business together. Additionally we both independently rank in the top of the company which makes us a great team. We feel everyone that joins our team gets two for the price of one. When you sign up with one of us you basically are getting two Coaches to help you succeed!

Every single day we wake up with purpose to help others. To help others get healthy and fit again and to also help our large team of Coaches build their business from home so they can have the freedom we have. We are always looking for new people who would like to be personally mentored by us whether it’s to just get back into shape or even join our team as a Coach. Whatever your goals are we are here to help you. What are you waiting for? Connect with us today! We are waiting to hear from you!

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